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A few days ago I finally gave Terry Gilliams film Brazil [1985 IMDB] a shot. I’m still not sure I liked it or not, as expected it was a weird fairytale of a somewhat dystopian future/past – or ‘retro-future’ as stated at IMDB.

To be honest I gave up 15 minutes from the end, I just lost interest after almost two hours (UPDATE: I’ve now seen the movie several times and it’s one of my all-time faves). Still, there was one thing that I really liked about Brazil – the ring tone from Sam Lowry’s phone. I cut it out, edited it a bit and converted it to .mp3 and .ogg – here’s a preview:

If you download them, lemme now everything is alright – will ya?! Cheers.

Downloads (click either .mp3 or .ogg to go to download location): .mp3 and .ogg. The files are really small, the .mp3 is about 100 kB.

Alternative download location in case box.net is down or acting up:
Right click, save as: .mp3 and .ogg

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  1. Fred, my cell now rasps with dystopian urgency thanks to your Brazil ringtone posting. Makes me laugh every time.


    P. S. I only used ALL CAPS to convey the false sense of urgency of DZ-015’s phone.

  3. I’ve loved the film since it first came out and always wanted my phone to sound like Sam’s. Now it does! Thank you!

  4. Thank you!! I thought about this exact movie sample for a ringtone long ago, but have never gotten around to ripping it. Sounds terrific, thanks for saving me the trouble!

  5. There’s no button on my site, just normal text links labeled “.mp3” and “.ogg“. See those? Click the desired link and you’ll be taken to either box.net — or OpenDrive if you click on of the links from the “Alternative download location”. On box.net the download button is in the upper right part of the page and on OpenDrive in the center, almost in the middle of the page where it says “Download here: brazil_mp3.mp3″. I can’t be more specific than that. If all else fails I can email you the mp3 version.

  6. Seriously? You didn’t watch the end of the movie? Because the end is actually really important. You have no idea.

  7. Haha, I DID watch the end eventually. I’ve re-watched the whole thing at least once and it’s one of my all time faves!

  8. Sofie, I was seriously considering calling it quits. My hosting is up for renewal in two days — thanks to your comment I’m gonna pay up and keep blogging. Thank you!

  9. BRILLIANT! I’ve loved this film and all of Gilliam’s work. I’ve got a thing for that double ring tone for the phone as well. Been a real HELL for me to try and get the rings I want. Still on the look out for the when you call someone and the phone’s up to your head, there’s that double ring sound you hear from the earpiece…the caller hears…I can’t find that anywhere but on a Pink Floyd album. I’m too inefficient and completely retarded to be able to make a loud enough to hear as phone ring tone that “TUNE”, the double ring of that. Hint Hint one and all. THAT WOULD BE COOL TO HAVE TOO!! Thanks ever so much for all this effort.

  10. Did my reply not come across? What the hell? Any way. THANKS FRED FOR ALL YOUR WORK!
    AM currently looking for the sound one hears when one is in the U.K., and dials another U.K. account, and hears that double ring thing…Can’t find the damn thing anywhere. Would love to have a ring of that too.

  11. Sorry William. Your comments somehow ended up in the spam filter. No idea how that happened! I might have a look into the sound you’re looking for. Can be difficult though since I’m in Sweden – but The Internet IS a magical place. Who knows?

  12. Brilliant!! heard the soundtrack on the way home from work today, made me think about the (very excellent) film, and subsequently the cool telephone sound. Half an hour of searching the web, and I found your link! Well done that man & many thanks for saving me from having to “make” the sound effect for my phone!

  13. in the words of Harvey Lime “I’m a bit of a wizz on that thing” I type with two fingers…slowly! The scene whwere Sam and Harvey fight over the desk has particular resonance in my current employment!
    But I was able to download in windows 8 and synch to a windows 8 phone easily and quickly. And yes as soon as the smile left my face with my new ringtone I watched the film again.
    Many thanks for the effort in providing the ringtone

  14. Thanks a lot!! Was just looking for it again (like often before). One of my favorite movies. Now my mobile got the correct ringtone.

  15. Thanks a lot for editing out that sample, I’ve been wanting to use it on my cell for ages.

    I don’t know how often I watched the movie by now, but I felt probably pretty much like you –

    1st time: Obscure, mildly interesting and confusing
    2nd/3rd time: Getting a grasp of the story
    4th – Umpteenth time: Discovering more and more lovely details and loving the movie more with each.

  16. Many thanks I was really looking for this. First time I actually enjoy hearing my cell go off. :)

  17. I downloaded this ringtone a few years ago and it has been my default and favourite ringtone since then. It’s funny to see people at restaurants look around for a bird when it rings. There have even been people who have given me pretty angry looks… apparently I haven’t complied with acceptable ringtone policies. I just got a new phone today and instead of loading any apps or configuring my e-mail, the first thing I did was search for this ringtone again.

    Thanks much for making these sound files.

  18. Dave, of course some people get angry — but in truth it’s just a severe and sudden case of envy when they realize how generic their own ringtone is. I appreciate your comment!

    Generic their own ringtone is. <– Yoda

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