One Year Since Last Update


snow_subwayLast week a friend of mine asked me if I still had my blog up. Yup, it’s still here but I realized just then that it was almost exactly one year ago I wrote something here. So, thanks to her I set a reminder on my phone to update the blog today – the last update was 365 days ago. That’s crazy.

I actually do have some stuff to tell you about; gear, gadgets, software and music I like – things like that. Why don’t I tell you about some of it (or all of it)? Well, there’s no reason to quit writing, just hang on and check back from time to time. I DO enjoy this you know?!

Maybe iPad Blogging Will Do The Trick?



I needed a pic to go along with this post. I chose one I took with Hipstamatic during late fall of last year. Last year — I told you I would start blogging again, that was five months ago. Major FAIL. Anyway, I got WordPress for iPad up and running and that might help to increase the post frequency. I get most post ideas when I’m on the sofa anyway. That brain-to-blog post technology seems to be a hopeless dream. Come future, come!

BTW, if I recall correctly I used PhotoPad (iPad) to resize the huge hipstamatic photo. Let’s see if it did a good job or not. Laterz!

Marina And The Diamonds Part 10: Lies


What do we have here then? It’s the brand spanking new video to “Lies”. The Electra Heart story seems never ending and if you recall I was about to stop posting EH related stuff in May OF LAST YEAR – that’s how long this campaign’s been running. It’s actually quite amazing; new videos keep popping up even though the album itself was released ages ago. Someone somewhere said this was Electra Hearts “Dubstep track”, weeeeeeeeeeeeell, like the more laid back Dubstep of old – I’ll give you that, “someone somewhere”, but it ain’t Noisia, that’s for sure.  I think Dr. Luke, Diplo and Cirkut produced this track just right; contemporary (2012) and not over the top at all. My EH posts will continue as there are two more parts TBA. Love the video.

And then there’s THIS:

No date yet (that I know of) but it was posted on Twitter the other day. Neon Gold, the label where “Obsessions” and “The Crown Jewels EP” were released is taking care of this one as well. 11 unreleased tracks spanning as far back as 2008, that’s what we can expect. Now, there are older tracks floating about on the Sea of Webs – demo stuff with tracks like “Philosopher My Arse” and “Guilty” among others. It would be nice to hear a few scrapped tracks that still went through a full production cycle but “never made it”. That and a few tracks with just Marina and a piano, please. 11 remixes would be awful, please don’t do that! Follow the Twitter account Eleven Diamonds for more info, just says “COMING SOON” at the moment. There’s also this site that’s nothing more than the pic above and the option to join the mailing list. I’ll suggest you do just that. OK?

UPDATE July 20, 2013:

Eleven Diamonds is nay a musical project. What the hell? In this case “nay” means “not”. All my hopes that I put into text above this update are out the window. Like Alan Partridge said: One yank, all gone. I wonder what this is about then, if it’s not music. It’s a lousy name for a perfume. Short films, a clothing line, an actual auction where Marina will sell the 11 diamonds she inherited from her grandmother? If it’s NOT related to music then why is it going to be released by a record label? A boxed DVD collection of music videos? Who uses DVDs these days? iPhone app?! QUESTIONS!

Time will tell…

UPDATE July 29, 2013:

Clothes. It was clothes. Not music. I wanted music. Instead: Three T-shirts and a tote bag… Here’s the first email via the mailing list:

So. Eleven Diamonds is a new fashion venture I’m undertaking with some help from my friends at Neon Gold Records. We have big plans! But for now… We present our first ever line of T-shirts, featuring collaborations with DEER DANA, Francisco Canton and Yippy Whippy.

**Promo code related “you-are-special” talk that I’m not posting here –**

The collection will be released on the 11th August and will ship worldwide. Each item is available in a limited edition run of 1000 worldwide and will not be re-pressed upon selling out.

Marina xx

I think I posted the link to the site (store) earlier in this post but here it is again in case you just read this last update: 11 Diamonds Store. There you go.


Official | | MySpace | Electra Heart Blog | Discogs | Spotify

Kite – Dance Again


Alright, this is the real reason I wanted to start blogging again: I wanted to post this track from Swedish act Kite. So, here it is. The track “Dance Again” is from their  latest and 5:th EP “V” – as in the roman numeral for “5” – released back in May.  Their first EP “I” (logic, you gotta love it) was released in 2008 and one new EP was released each year up till now. Please be sure not to confuse this band with the Swedish (now defunct) Christian rock band who also went by this very name. Stay alert people!

When I first heard “Dance Again” earlier this year I had this vision thing. You see, there’s a international remake of the Swedish movie “Bröderna Lejonhjärta” (The Brothers Lionheart) in the works and I immediately felt that Kite would be the perfect act to do the score/soundtrack. Or even better, Kite and The Sound of Arrows doing a collab. The original soundtrack from 1977 featured quite a lot of synthesizers and keyboards, that’s why I’d like to see these two acts do the remake. Anyway, I have high hopes for the remake of this classic Swedish children’s fantasy story originally written by Astrid Lindgren (you know, the creator of “Pippi”).  It’ll be directed by Tomas Alfredson who did “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (2011) and one of my faves “Låt den rätte komma in“/”Let The Right One In” (2008) that later spawned the not-as-good international remake “Let Me In” two years later. The one in charge of casting for the Lionhearts remake worked on the Harry Potter series, finding the perfect child actors (the brothers are 9 resp. 13 years old in the original book IIRC) should be a walk in the park (or the Cherry Valley from the book). I pray the remake features a better version of the dragon “Katla”. The 1977 original 3 man puppet, or whatever the hell that was needs to be kicked up a notch – to put it mildly.

Gah, this was supposed to be about the excellent band Kite… Well, you know me and my writing – and that’s why you keep coming back.


Kite | Facebook | Label | Wikipedia | MySpace |  Spotify

Relaunch Of Fredstuff Blog


Yes, great news everyone – is in live mode again! It’s been almost a year since you’ve seen a new post and I’ve been checking in on the blog from time to time just to make sure it was up and running. I renewed my hosting account with Arvixe for another two years (I’ve been with them since 2009 and they are great) and I’ve spent the last few days updating WordPress, getting rid of plugins I no longer need and I also found a great new theme that works like a charm on all platforms – gone are the days when all you – as in “we the web publishers” – needed to worry about was PC/Mac and all the browsers, today cross-platform fluidity including tablets and smartphones is key. New stuff for me to learn, looking forward to it!

I’m still amazed people come here everyday and I guess that’s why I want to keep posting stuff here. New posts will be posted, trust me. So, I don’t really know what else to say other than: let’s go!